Production Database (PROD)

This is the instance that you will want to select most of the time.

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Pre-Production Database (PPRD)

The pre-production database is a copy of the production database at a point in time. The production database was last copied to pre-production in June 2018. If you wish to experiment, select this instance. Even if you make a gross error, the result will not be catastrophic to the operation of the College. Be aware that any work done in the pre-production database, even if successful, will not affect the production database.

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Test Database (TEST)

The test database is a recent copy of the production database. It is very similar to the pre-production database with the following differences except that it is copied from the production database every Monday morning and it may be copied from the production database more than once a week without notice. Therefore, although the test database is much more current than the pre-production database, the test database lacks continuity of pre-production.

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Trac is a ticketing and wiki system that allows users to submit requests to Application Services and browse local documentation.

Duplicate Submission and Interfaces

This system is for submitting duplicate Banner IDs to Application Services as well as accessing various local interfaces to Banner. It used to hold the Online Job Request system as well, but that was replaced by Trac.